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Dongguk Business School Welcome to Dongguk Business School.

Dean of Dongguk Business School Uk Jung

Dongguk MBA programs are accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) in 2012, together with its undergraduate programs. AACSB has accredited only top 5% of the whole MBA programs in the world and around 10 institutions in Korea. Dongguk MBA is worldly recognized in terms of its educational quality, successfully running student exchange programs and dual degree programs with best-known universities including University of Texas, Dallas in USA and Sun Yat-sen in China.

Full-time students in day-time MBA will have 2-year intensive courses with international students which are all taught in English. Currently international students consist of 70% of the total registered students in day-time MBA and are all receiving university scholarship amounting to 30% of the tuition fees. Two international professors are in MBA and regularly consult with students to enhance student's understanding of classes and help easier adaptation to campus life.

Located in the heart of Seoul, Dongguk University is accessible from all parts of the city and has access to many cultural sights as well as company headquarters. The newly-built on-campus dormitory is gaining high satisfaction from students with its convenient location and modern facilities. International students and domestic students from local province will be given opportunity to stay in this on-campus dormitory.

Dongguk Business School is succeeding the tradition and heritage of the past Graduate School of Business Management. Our 3,000 alumni are enhancing Dongguk's fame in each Korean community and newly-organized MBA alumni are gearing up for raising up Dongguk University's pride in succession to their senior alumni. We believe that Karma lasts for life-time.

I am sure that Dongguk Business School, initiating innovation and changes with long tradition, has a solid mission to produce talented human resources for the future of businesses and organizations in Korea.