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2024-Spring Tuition Installment Payment

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2024-Spring Tuition Installment Payment



2024- Spring Tuition Installment Payment Schedule:




Payment period

Tuition amount

Type A


1st Application

2nd Application

1st Pay


Feb. 20 (Tue)~ Feb. 22 (Thur)

25% of tuition


2nd Pay

1st Pay

Mar. 20 (Wed.) ~Mar. 22 (Fri.)

25% of tuition

50% of tuition

3rd Pay

2nd Pay

Apr. 17(Wed) ~ Apr. 19(Fri)

25% of tuition

25% of tuition

4th Pay

3rd Pay

May 15 (Wed) ~ May 17 (Fri)

25% of tuition

25% of tuition


  You can't pay during the weekend and national holiday.



1. Application Period


- 1st Application (4 installments):  Feb. 12 (Mon.) ~ Feb. 16 (Fri.) (5 days)

- 2nd Application (3 installments)Mar. 16 (Sat.) ~ Mar. 19 (Tue.) (4 days)

 No additional application can be made after the application period.

 Students who passed the fourth semester can apply only during the 2nd application period.


2. Application Method 


 (1) How to apply  : on Udrims or Mdrims


(Login -> 대학원학사 -> 등록 -> 등록대상자선정

-> 분할납부신청(If 1st application) or 분할납부B신청(If 2nd application) 

-> Uncheck 학생회비 &동창회비 (If you are foreigner) -> Check all the 유의사항(Cautions)

-> 신청


(2) How to print out invoice

- 1st Application : 분할납부 신청(고지서출력) -> 분납차수 선택 (Click 1st/2nd/3rd/4rd pay) -> 고지서인쇄(Print out your invoice)

- 2nd Application : 분할납부신청(고지서출력) -> 분납차수 선택 (Click 1st/2nd/3rd/4rd pay) -> 고지서인쇄(Print out your invoice)



(3) How to cancel installment payment


A. Within the application period : Call the Financial department (02-2260-3087)

B. After the application period : Automatically cancelled if not paid during the first payment period



3. Those who can't apply for installment payment

: Freshmen, Re-admission, Those who are going to pay by credit card, a delinquent in installments



4. Cautions


- If the installment is not made during the first payment period after applying for the installment payment, the installment payment will be automatically cancelled.

- Students who are doing installment payment are not allowed to pay by credit card or use student loans.

- In case of failure to fully pay the tuition by the deadline for payment of the final installment payment, the student will be expelled due to non-registration according to the school regulations.

- If you overdue the pay of installment continually, the eligibility for future installment payment will be limited.

- If a student who is on a installment payment leaves school, tuition will be refunded by regulation.

 If the amount paid is insufficient, You can apply for a leave of absence only after you pay the shortfall.